After some frustrated attempts trying to “dance” salsa and fed up of always hearing “But… you’re Spanish, you should dance salsa like a pro”, I finally decided to put an end to what wasn’t looking like a very promising career and try something completely different. It is then when I discovered the magical world of tango: exciting, elegant, sensual, vibrant, playful, sometimes loving, sometimes aggressive, but always strikingly passionate… an array of human emotions expressed by the music and the perfect fusion of two bodies.

Learning tango is like learning a whole new language. You’ve watched people dancing it, it looks great, it looks easy. You decide to start lessons and it’s then that you discover you don’t know how to walk without losing your balance (even less walk, embrace and listen to the music all at the same time!). It’s then that reality strikes and you realize it’s not going to be that easy a journey. Nevertheless, now, after dancing tango for almost five years, I can say that it’s as challenging an experience as it is rewarding. And it’s easy to understand why this wonderful dance can actually become an addiction, even a way of life for many.
There are an incredibly wide variety of styles in tango and it’s important to find a teacher that can actually give you what you are looking for and inspire you in the beauty and virtually limitless complexity of tango. For this I will always be grateful to Bill, who has helped me develop and find my own expression in the dance and been extremely patient with me since that first day I arrived at his class as an absolute beginner.

I have been assisting Bill on the teaching team both in Sheffield and Nottingham, as well as the odd special event, and have found it to be a really enriching and rewarding experience. Seeing the process of how people embrace the dance, become more confident and develop as dancers, to the point that they can finally start expressing themselves through tango, is absolutely wonderful.

Outside dance, I work as a Translation Line Manager in Sheffield after doing a PhD in Translation and Interpreting in the beautiful city of Granada in the South of Spain. Twice a year I go back to my hometown in Spain (Cádiz) to visit my family and enjoy some very missed sunny spells. My favourite hobby (apart from tango, that is) would be travelling. Antarctica is the only continent missing on my list, which I’m looking forward to doing in the near future!