Meet Bill

Bill Newby: Physiotherapist by day..Dance Teacher by night.


When I’m not on the dance floor my day is spent treating patients in my Physiotherapy clinic at Gleadless ” Physio For Fitness Ltd”. The clinic has been established since 2001 and its success is based on patient recommendations. I treat all aspects of musculoskeletal problems i.e. muscle, joint, spine, nerve pain /injuries and sports injuries. I use all current techniques including electrical therapy, manual techniques, manipulation and acupuncture. My clinic is keen on rehabilitation and uses exercise therapy massage and pilates as part of its treatment programmes.

My Salsa Journey

I first discovered salsa whilst at Leeds University in 1996. I was fascinated by the way couples moved together with such vibrant energy.

Inspired by the excitement of the music, I felt this was the right dance for me and I was soon hooked.

I spent the next 18 months learning progressively with some of the best dance teachers in the country. I traveled to London, the south and west coast attending salsa congresses. I immersed myself in the dance as much as possible, competing successfully in dance competitions in the early stages and attending dance holidays in Barcelona. Soon I developed my own style and expression within the dance.

Personal Salsa Style

I teach New York Style salsa, focusing on technique, precision, balance, coordination, timing and expression. My dance style is relaxed, smooth and engaging.

Musicality is the key, so I focus my dance style on expression. Selecting my most suitable moves to interpret the music. This, combined with the interaction between myself and my dance partners, provides a totally shared experience. This concept is emphasized at all levels of my teaching.

For me, dancing should be expressive and engaging. When learning it should be fun while suitably challenging. It is great exercise for overall fitness hence our motto: ‘Dance Yourself Fit’.

My Tango Inspiration

My original inspiration came from watching the show “Tango Passion” in 1996.

At the time, tango was not available in Sheffield. Traces of the dance were beginning to appear in Leeds, however, in order to find Argentinian Tango you had to venture London or Edinburgh.

I started by learning what I could from tango videos, closing the curtains so my neighbours couldn’t see. I remember being excited by the basic eight and being able to execute it with some precision.

Further inspiration came after watching a tango showcase at a salsa event that I hosted at the City Hall Ballroom in 2003. The performers came from London and Argentina. Determined not to let this chance go I ran to London to chase the teacher. When I arrived for my private class, proud of my knowledge and expertise at the basic eight, I showed her what I could do.

Her response was “What’s this basic eight stuff? It’s so limiting! Let’s start with a walk. And just walk and just walk.”

“Can we dance now?” I asked.

“Just walk.” she said.

Just walk

A million pounds spent from Sheffield to London for private classes. In fact two million!

Exciting one hour classes: My question. “What are we doing today?” The answer, “Just walk.”

After two years, I was walking beautifully and decided to bring the tango walk to Sheffield. I think I’m much kinder to my students!

In an attempt to further my tango development, I chased the finest Tango experts from around the world.

Tuition from Chicho Frumboli, Fabian Salas, Andres & Genoveva, Juan & Graciana. Tango weekends in Bylaugh Hall. Study week in Prague. Classes in Berlin, London and Rome.

One of my ultimate inspirations comes from Eugenia Parrilla. Thanks to Bianca from London for those very valuable standard principles of the basic walk.

Since the early days of discovery I have gone on to teach and have performed tango at the Twelfth Night York Festival, Sheffield Day of Dance, Leeds and Bradford All-Day events. I have presented classes and dance showcase in Nottingham, Hull, Wetherby, Doncaster, Birmingham, Preston, Sheffield and most recently at the Town Hall in Manchester.

The finest teachers and dancers from Buenos Aires spend most of their time on tour in Europe so for the moment I’m staying right here. My journey to Argentina to soak up the tango experience will happen one day soon.

My Dance History

2010 – Guest teacher at The Great British Salsa Experience (GBSEx), in Manchester.

2010 – Performed a tango showcase at the British Salsa Championships

2010 – Winner of the UK Amateur Tango Championships in the Stage Section

2002 – 2010 – Guest teacher appearances and performances in York, Doncaster, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Leeds, Lincoln, Preston, Bradford, Wetherby and Sheffield, Malaga in Spain, Scarborough and Manchester.

2002 – 2006 – Taught and performed Salsa and Tango at Sheffield Chance To Dance event

2004 – Established current salsa and tango classes at the Polish Club, Millennium Hall, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.

2002 – 2003 – Showcased salsa in Sheffield at the City Hall Ballroom, Four Extravaganza Events; hosting guest teachers and performers from Argentina and the finest of British salsa stars.

2002 – Organized dance events at the former Matrix Bar in Sheffield.

2000 – Taught Salsa at the former “National Centre for Popular Music” now the”Hub”

2000 – Performed in Fargate Sheffield city centre along with class members at the Baton Relay Event for the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.

1998 – Invited to establish salsa at Cubana’s Tapas Bar in Sheffield.