A special dance for that special day… Often I get asked to add an extra flavour to that most iconic wedding dance. Less of the “hug your loved one and just sway to a romantic song.” Many adventurous couples have asked me to prepare something different for that very commonly recorded first dance at their wedding.

They are often new to dance with two left feet and all that, nervous about that moment when all eyes will be on them and the cameras are rolling. Perhaps just the bride or the groom is an experienced dancer and they just want their partners to have a few lessons to feel more confident and relaxed for their first dance.

Often couples have a theme or want me to create a story in their routine, reflecting a time or place or a situation when the first met. They frequently have a favourite song that they want me to create a dance story around. If you don’t I will help you to find just the right song for you.

My most recent dance choreography was surprisingly for a father of the bride who just wanted to get some dance skills so he could dance with his daughter on her special day. How lovely is that? His daughter was a great dancer and he just wanted to surprise her on her big day.

For that special dance on your big day, let me help you to wow and surprise your guests who will probably be expecting to video a two-step shuffle…

Whether you want a Contemporary dance theme, hot Latin Salsa , a sultry Tango or any combination that works for you, let me help you to achieve the routine that tells your special story through dance.

Come along to my lovely private dance studio and let’s get started. Consider your current dance level and plan ahead so we can book the amount of lessons you’ll need to enhance that most special day and that iconic dance.