Tuesday is TIME TO TANGO. In our opinion Tango is perhaps the world’s most elegant dance. Challenging, interesting, rewarding… and we’re sure you know by now there is strong medical evidence to showing that dance is the best activity for maintaining good mental and physical health.

Did we mention the ‘FUN’ we have? Every TUESDAY at the POLISH  CATHOLIC CENTRE, Millenium Hall, 518 Ecclesall Road, SHEFFIELD, S11 8PY

Sheffield Tango Argentino – embracing the term “Liberating Tango”. We have been established at the Polish Club, Millennium Hall, Ecclesall Road, since the launch of Argentine Tango in Sheffield back in 2003.

As our Principal Instructor, Bill Newby learned so early on in his tango journey, the dance is about walking. Come and learn to walk in an embrace, walk with style and before you know it, you will be engaged in a passion and expression called Tango. Eventually your steps will be led by your heart, not your feet.

We teach technique, precision and expression rather than choreography. In time you will improve your skill, balance, technique and posture. Soon you will develop the ability to interpret the music and find your own style and fluidity. Our liberating tango style will soon have you sharing the passion of life which is Tango.

To be lost in the dance is liberating and all you have to do is walk!

Our tango classes are fun, engaging, welcoming while at the same time focusing on technique and precision. They are progressive, so all abilities find their level.

There is always time at the end of the classes to dance socially (Practica) meet people, have a drink and of course, practice your new steps. Come and join us.

Click on the image below or CLICK HERE for class times.
(and check out our Salsa Class details too)

NB: BRING YOUR OWN WATER OR JUICE TO CLASS. IF YOU FANCY ANYTHING STRONGER BRING THAT TOO (we no longer have bar facilities during class times).