In the age of fast everything i.e. downloads, Internet speed, food, (you know what I mean…), people also want fast track dance results. The country has gone dance crazy. In fact the world is dance crazy.

The dance craze kicked off again about twenty years ago and now everyone is dancing. Perhaps you missed the boat and want to catch up.

You may have that holiday to Cuba or Argentina booked for a few weeks’ time…just think how much more you would enjoy the holiday if you could get onto the dance floor with confidence.

Going on a cruise? Let’s get you swaying to the dance rhythm in quick time.

Often people lack the confidence to join a large class. You may want a few lessons to get you started so you don’t have to spend too long in the hum-drum of learning the basics slowly in the Beginners class. We know most of the fun starts once you get through the first stages of learning a new dance.

You may be unable to attend class on a regular basis due to work, life situation or finding a child minder when the class is on. Your free evening may not coincide with the evening of the class that you want to attend.

You may decide you want to learn with your partner and not have to change partners as sometimes expected  in a group class situation.

How about you the experienced dancer who wants to refine your technique? You are focused on a higher level of dance. Perhaps you are not being challenged in a group class and need more detail on your specific dance needs. You may have the aspirations of teaching one day. You may also want some choreography for a performance you have been invited to do.

If private lessons is for you (with no one watching but the mirrors) give me a call and let’s get you going in order to achieve your goals.